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  • July 29, 2020
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Life is full of unexpected impacts, especially when it comes to car repairs. With the average car repair bill ranging from $300 to $800, consumers having available cash to get their car repaired is unlikely. If they do have the cash available, spending it on a car repair will leave them unable to pay a monthly bill such as rent, electricity, or childcare.

Your monthly bill budget shouldn’t have to be destroyed for a car repair bill. Car repair issues are certainly one of the significant reasons people use online short-term payday loans. You can often get your cash the same business day, you will be able to get your car repaired quicker, this makes it an invaluable option that eliminates the need to use your upcoming bill money which in turns saves you potential late fees and possibly help avoid overdraft bank fees. Car repairs cause such a headache, and they always seem to happen at the worst times. Most people know the payday term, however installment loans are not only easier, but cheaper. This is why we only provide cash loans, on an installment payment plan.

Finding yourself with car failures can be devastating. Many times, car repairs are unavoidable, an object or pothole in the road popped your tire, winter cold killed your battery, your car starts overheating, these are all reasons to have to take your car in for repairs. Unexpected car repairs can leave you stressing over who will repair your car, how long will the repair take, and mostly how much will the repair cost. But you need your car, to get to work, to pick up your kids, for running errands, the list goes on and on.

The majority of consumers do not have another option for transportation and even if they do have access to public transportation, you are a car owner for a reason. So, what do you do? You cannot wait to get your car repaired and you need to be back on the road as fast as possible. An online installment loan can assist with car repair bills, allowing you to make the repairs, service, or maintenance when you need it! If you need help paying for unexpected car repairs, a short-term cash advance could be the answer. At, you can get your cash today!

If you don’t have a good nest egg saved up, an unexpected car repair is always going to be a big expense. It all depends on the type of repairs that you need. If you can’t cover the whole bill immediately, how will you get the repairs you need so you can start driving your car again? Installment Loans are available to you to get the cash you need today to get you back on the road. Visit to apply to get the cash today! Incidental expenses, like car repairs, are unplanned. These events impose financial burdens due to the unexpected out-of-pocket costs, whether small or large, many times we are unprepared to pay.

Lone Star Payday Loans is here to help you with these unplanned life expenses. There may not be much that can be said or suggested that will completely save you from the frustration and headache of dealing with unexpected car repairs, however, below are two options to consider when you need help to pay for your car troubles. I’m sure you are thinking “how do I get my car fixed when I have no money?” Well, great news, there are some options to pay for car repairs, even when you don’t have the extra cash.

Routine Car Maintenance Planning

If you own a car, unfortunately, you’re always going to be on the hook for routine maintenance. How does the average consumer afford car maintenance? In truth my friend, you need to plan and budget for them. As we all know the saying “Life Happens”, well that is true, and performing routine car maintenance can help eliminate some unexpected car repairs. Try saving a little each month to get to the point of having an emergency cash fund of $500-$1,000. Does that seem impossible?

How do you save a little each month with your current bills and income? Let’s approach this from a different angle, think outside the box per se. Let’s assess the situation, are you in need of car maintenance this month or three months? Be proactive when it comes to car maintenance. Minimize your monthly bills and spending as much as possible. When you sit down and look at your monthly spending, I bet you will be able to find some spending areas you can make a small change to and place that cash into your emergency cash fund.

This allows you to be proactive about car maintenance as you will have the cash you need for the routine car maintenance and will save you a lot of cash down the road by preventing unexpected car repair bills. Your emergency cash fund will become your safety net and protect your budget from unexpected financial hardships. Local auto part stores may offer free services, like changing light bulbs, fuses, windshield wipers, and batteries. You buy the part from them, and they change it for you at no charge.

Many will also perform testing on items such as your battery, starter, or alternator. So, go visit your local auto part stores to inquire about their free services before the time comes that you may need them. Who knows a good, honest, and reliable mechanic? Auto part stores typically can direct you to a few. Always a good idea to have a few good local mechanics information readily available, this will help take some of the stress out of the car repair process when the time comes. If and when you do need to take your car to a mechanic, it is best practice to get a second or third opinion and quotes. You will find the amount for the same part will be a different cost with other mechanic shops.

Discounts! always ask if they offer discounts. Paying cash could get you a discount, using a certain brand for parts can provide a discount. If you do find yourself with life’s unexpected expenses, and your hard-earned money is just not enough, free services and discounts still leave you shorthanded, where can you turn too when you need cash immediately? Lone Star Payday Loans can help you with the cash you need. A short-term cash advance can help get you back on track. Visit to learn more about immediate loans available to you today.

Time to get a newer car

Is your current car becoming unreliable? Does it seem like every time you turn around; you are putting more and more money into it? Maybe it is time to be in the market for a newer car. Or simply you have had your eye on a certain make and model for a while now. Many consumers love the idea of getting a newer car however, the process of buying another vehicle feels so daunting that it scares them away from the very thought? Don’t let that feeling block you from getting a more reliable car or from not rewarding yourself with the vehicle you want. You can get a newer car, just takes a bit of planning.

Depending on your financial situation, your planning process may differ slightly. But never the less, a little planning does go a long way. First determining if you can buy outright or need to make payments. Can you afford to buy a used car outright from a private owner? Can you afford to buy a used car from a used vehicle dealership with your credit history or do you need to find a “Buy Here Pay Here” dealership that sets your payments based on your income?

Possible you can get a brand-new car by financing or through a lease option. In any scenario, you are going to need a chunk of cash to goes towards the full amount to buy outright or for the down payment. Lone Star Payday Loans could assist you with adding the little more cash you need to make the newer car purchase. And with many of the loan options allowing you to receive your cash the same day you apply, you can be in that new car in no time. But before you find yourself falling in love with a make and model that will be out of our price range, determine your car budget. Can you sell or trade your current vehicle in to go towards the newer car? You can normally determine your car’s value through online websites like NADAKelley Blue Book and many car dealerships will give you a trade-in value at no charge.

Do you currently make a monthly car payment? If so, how much more than your current payment could you comfortably make? If you are throwing money into your car for constant repairs, add that amount to the monthly payment. If you are already spending the money, you might as well have a newer car to show for it.

Don’t forget your auto insurance, just because a car is newer does not mean the insurance is higher. The more safety features the car has, the more savings you possibly can get. Always check with your auto insurance provider for insurance quotes, these should be free to obtain. And if you’re in the market for a new car, might as well shop around for the best insurance rates too. You may find many competitors will beat your current provider. One of the main factors in getting a newer car is the better fuel economy. You could probably bet you will save a significant amount in your monthly gas purchases with a newer make and model. With every year newer, the fuel economy and miles per gallon just keep getting better and better.

Once you determine what you can afford, how much you can get from your current car and the amount you need for a down payment, you are ready to leap into a newer car purchase. Using this knowledge, you want to get the best deal on a car that you can afford. Shop around not only locally but also online. You will be able to find the right make ad model for your needs and wants. Once you have chosen the perfect car, visit to access the additional cash you need to make your new car dream become a reality! Whether you are needing cash for an unexpected car repair, planning for routine car maintenance, or dreaming of finally buying a newer car, Lone Star Payday Loans can help. We offer quick online short-term installment loans that are hassle-free to not only apply for but receive the cash you need today! Sounds easy, well it is!

Visit us today at to get your application started.

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